To get started, download the ZIP file using the link below (choose Save as… or download to a folder on your computer) and extract it to the location where SPIRITS is to be installed. Then double-click on spirits.jar in this folder to run SPIRITS.

Version File (Windows) Size Release date
1.3.0 iczipSpirits 246 Mb 5 March 2015 (changes from 1.2.0)
1.2.1 iczipSpirits 245 Mb 15 December 2014
1.2.0 iczipSpirits 244 Mb 30 May 2014 (changes from 1.1.1)
1.1.1 iczipSpirits 169 Mb 06 November 2013

Important note:
SPIRITS requires a Java virtual machine (JVM) to run. If not already installed, users can download Java version 1.7 or higher.


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