SPIRITS works with images in ENVI format (.img) with a (SPIRITS-specific) enriched header file (.hdf). Virtually, all the most commonly used data formats can be converted into SPIRITS format using the SPIRITS import modules (based on GDAL library). However, to facilitate quick access to a number of common data sources, in this section we present links to repositories where we make available the data directly in SPIRITS format.


TAMSAT 10-daily data (Africa)

TAMSAT (Tropical Applications of Meteorology using SATellite data and ground-based observations) is a project of the University of Reading (UK) that investigates the use of satellite imagery for estimating rainfall and other surface water budget components mainly in Africa. Routine products are a ten-daily (dekadal), monthly and seasonal rainfall estimates for Africa derived from Meteosat thermal infra-red (TIR) channels based on the recognition of convective storm clouds and calibration against ground-based rain gauge data.
Dekadal data made available on this web site are derived from the TAMSAT products available on the TAMSAT web site.

ECMWF 10-daily data

The European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF) is an independent intergovernmental organisation that develops, and operates on a regular basis, global meteorological models and data-assimilation system to forecast the weather based on input of meteorological data, collected by satellites and earth observation systems such as automatic and manned stations, aircraft, ships and weather balloons.
FOODSEC regularly receives daily, 10-daily and monthly outputs of the ECMWF global Operational circulation model (2008-present) and acquired the Interim reanalysis model archive (1989-2012) further processed by Meteoconsult.
Rainfall estimation, solar radiation, evapo-transpiration and temperature (min, max, avg) data rescaled on a grid of 0.25 degrees and aggregated for 10-days periods (dekads) in SPIRITS format for Africa and for other global windows can be downloaded from this website.



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