CST software (v 3.0) has been released

CST software, a tool designed to support the development and selection of crop yield forecast models to facilitate national and sub national crop yield forecasting, has been released. Time trend analysis of yield statistics is followed by regression or scenario analysis using biophysical indicators to explain yield statistics and search for similar years. Constructed models are used to predict yield of the current growing season. CST can be used in connection with SPIRITS to combine image processing with statistical crop yield forecast modelling.

The CGMS statistical tool has been developed for the MARS unit of JRC in the framework of several MARS related projects (MARSOP, ASEMARS, E-Agri, AGRICAB and SIGMA). These projects contributed to development of the initial version and a number of subsequent updates. The original objective was to support the national crop yield forecasting activities of the MARS Crop Yield Forecasting System (MCYFS). Later, through EU research project like E-Agri, AGRICAB and SIGMA the CGMS statistical tool has been introduced to other (non)-governmental organizations having a mandate in monitoring and forecasting crop production.

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