New version 1.4.2 with some udpates and bugfixes

A SPIRITS version with some bugfixes and updates as compared to the previous version 1.4.1 can now be downloaded in the software section.
The changes include:

  • update: GLIMPSE modules COMPOSIT.exe and MOSAIC.exe now support input IMGs beyond 2GB.
  • bugfix: Create RUM Charts module created incorrect filenames.
  • bugfix: Behavior of the “save” option changed to overwrite without asking.
  • modification: “deprecated” menu entries corresponding to previous versions have been removed.
  • enhancement: updated GLIMPSE module MSK2IMG.exe. Masking can now be specified inside or beyond a range.

The bugfix in the RUM Charts module is important for creating graph series for multiple land cover classes. Also the fix of the save option (previously working in the same way as “save as”) will be appreciated by many users. Finally the deletion of obsolete modules in the temporal processing menu simplifies the users menu as compared to the previous version.

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