The SPIRITS version 1.5.1 was released in February 2017 with new features of major interest to the SPIRITS users community. Notably the new Band Calculator module offers the possibility to apply complex user-defined map algebra operations on single images or on time series. This increases the flexibility of configuring processing chains based on SPIRITS and broadens the domains of application. The Band Calculator uses the so called Reverse Polish notation (RPN), a mathematical notation in which an operator follows its operands. The other major update are the tools related to phenology (start of season, end of season, etc from a dekadal time-series of images or from the historical images) that are now based on more robust and efficient modules (PHENOdef, PHENOprogress, PHENOtyp, PHENOcum). Below is  a more accurate description of all major and minor updates in this release with other relevant news for SPIRITS users.

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SPIRITS 1.5.1 released!

The new SPIRITS 1.5.1 release is now available. The new major features introduced in this version are: 1) Detect seasons tool updated using the new GLIMPSE module PHENOdef 2) Progress of seasons tool updated using the new GLIMPSE module PHENOprogress … Read more

New feature: Band Calculator

The new module Band Calculator creates output images by performing algebraic operations (per pixel) on input images (bands) and constants. Besides standard algebraic operators (addition, multiplication, …), some bit-oriented operators, boolean operators and a conditional … Read more

New feature: Phenology

One of the key functionalities of SPIRITS is the capacity to detect phenological parameters (start of the season, end of the season, max of the season, …) at pixel level for vegetated areas. While in SPIRITS version 1.4.1 these tools were already available, they have been … Read more

SPIRITS training: Time series analysis to monitor the Protected Habitats

Following SPIRITS trainings by in late 2015 and in 2016, JRC and MESA organized a training as one component of natural habitat conservation training series on the use of Earth Observation for protected areas monitoring using different types of remote sensing data from … Read more

Software: Improvements in CGMS Statistical Tool (CST)

CGMS statistical tool (CST) is a statistical tool for yield forecasting by using both regression estimation and scenario analysis. Originally developed for using yield indicators provided by crop growth models such as CGMS, the tool can also be used with remote sensing … Read more

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