Training events

SPIRITS training workshops


Event Organizer Place Date
SPIRITS training for the dry corridor of Central America (NI, HN, SV, GT) FAO, EUMETSAT and JRC MARS Managua, Nicaragua 01-07 July 2016
MESA training Natural Habitat experts
training material
MESA project, ICPAC, JRC Nairobi, Kenya 8-12 March 2016
Spirits Training for the University of Bahir Dhar and the National Meteorological Authority JRC MARS Bahir Dhar, Ethiopia 23-27 Nov 2015
MESA regional training MESA project
Harare, Zimbabwe 17-18 March 2015
SPIRITS Training for NDMA (National Drought Monitoring Authority, Kenya)
training material
NDMA, JRC MARS Nairobi, Kenya 02 March 2015
Training for the INRAA, Algeria JRC MARS, INRAA Algiers, Algeria 02-05 March 2015
Use of remote sensing image with SPIRITS, in the framework of the Master of Science degree course co-organized by the University of Bonn and the United Nations University and entitled “Geography of Environmental Risks and Human Security”. JRC MARS, United Nations University, University of Bonn Bonn, Germany 05-06 November 2014
Training for the Department of Resource Surveys and Remote Sensing AGRICAB project Nairobi, Kenya 02-06 June 2014
MARS training JRC MARS Ispra, Italy 15–16 April 2014
SPIRITS Training for NDMA (National Drought Monitoring Authority, Kenya) NDMA, JRC MARS, BOKU Nairobi, Kenya 24-28 February 2014
Regional Workshop West-Africa AGRHYMET, RCMRD, VITO Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso 13-24 January 2014
Regional Workshop East-Africa AGRHYMET, RCMRD, VITO Nairobi, Kenya 3-14 February 2014

For trainings organized directly by VITO, see the Africa Platform for Knowledge and Data Sharing on Earth Observation.